April 11, 2017

Recently, the authentic story and diverse music have driven Franky to write the musical play version, too, which he is currently working on.

March 9, 2017

Franky and The Band are actually  recording new songs for their second album, which is due for Fall 2017. 

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Austin Texas The Rock Opera, Franky and the Band


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Franky and the Band



A Love Like Texas Weather by Fehmi Nuhoglu


4- Texas Weather (Shadow Queen) - feat. Lynne Jordan
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Listen/Stop Teaser below

The Novella that inspired

  Austin Texas The Rock Opera

   A Love Like Texas Weather

One day sunshine, the other rain 

One day bright, then hurricane

With ups and downs, the best love ever 
But it's like Texas weather...
A love story with a humorous, sexy twist
to make you laugh and cry at the same time...
Wanna be a Hollywood star like Texy?
Better find yourself a Travis….
Wanna musical break like cowboy Travis?
Gotta find a Texy….
No matter what your dreams are, you will certainly need a Shadow Queen,
a fortuneteller to read Texas weather to predict your future.
Fehmi Nuhoglu aka Franky

Fehmi Nuhoglu aka FRANKY is an Austin, TX based novelist and songwriter.

Paperback and e-book, 130 pages, Fiction/ Romance/ Contemporary, 

on sale at Amazon.com

  & © 2017 by Round Rock Records, Austin, TX

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