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A Love Like Texas Weather
Austin I'm Flying - FRANKY AND THE BAND
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Fehmi Nuhoglu

A Love Like Texas Weather

The Novella that inspired

   Austin Texas The Rock Opera         

One day sunshine, the other rain

One day bright, then hurricane

With ups and downs, the best love ever

But it's like Texas weather

A love story with a humorous, sexy twist

to make you laugh and cry at the same time...

Wanna be a Hollywood star like Texy?

Better find yourself a Travis….

Wanna musical break like cowboy Travis?

Gotta find a Texy….

No matter what your dreams are,

you will certainly need a Shadow Queen,

a fortuneteller to read Texas weather to predict your future.



About the author:
Fehmi Nuhoglu aka FRANKY is an Austin, TX, based novelist and songwriter. Based on this novella, Franky has also produced the concept CD album "Austin Texas the Rock Opera."

Recently, this authentic story and diverse music have driven Franky to write the musical play version, too, which he is currently working on. 

“Austin, Texas
is a deep source of inspiration 
with its diversity in music,
unique lifestyle, and tranquility”
                                                                      FEHMI NUHOGLU aka FRANKY 



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