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3   Live Music Capital   3:31

Music & Lyrics by Fehmi Nuhoglu aka Franky


Horns Arrangement by Kenny Anderson


Engineered by Brian Leach
Joyride Studios, Chicago, IL/Gravity Studios Chicago, IL


Main Vocals • Franky
Back Vocals • Brian Leach, Jennifer Williams
Electric Guitar • Ric Jaz 
Electric Guitar • Brian Leach 
Electric Guitar • Franky 
Keyboards • Roosevelt Purifoy
Trombone • Norman Palm
Trumpet • Kenny  Anderson  
Saxophone • Hank Ford 
Bass • David Service 
Drums • Malcom L. Banks Sr.

All songs:

Mixed by Franky & Brian Leach at Joyride Studios, Chicago, IL

Mastered by Jerry Tubb at Terra Nova Studios, Austin, TX


Produced by:


3 - Live Music Capital - Trailer - FRANKY AND THE BAND
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