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Electric Guitar

Acoustic Guitar 

                  Ric Hall or otherwise best known as, ‘RicJaz’ Guitar, the guitarist for Mr. Budddy Guy,  is truly an extraordinary example ofone of the best musicians to come out of Chicago; putting a “strangle hold” on the talent and mastery of his guitar, as well as the audience before him; only to be expected by that of a seasoned professional musician.​

                  Ric is the starring member of Franky and The Band which is founded on February 2016 and actually works on the studio recordings of the second album.

                  Since 2005, Ric has been a distinct member of the Buddy Guy Band, gaining quite a national exposure. His style is versatile and melodic. He’s always ready and willing to interject with those soulful, ‘teeth gritting’ guitar licks. Under Buddy, Ric has performed at the Crossroads music festival two times and shared the stage with the likes of: Santana, Robert Cray, Johnny Lang, BB King, John Mayer, Eric Gales.

                   Born as Cornelius Hall; Ric entails the charismatic and gregarious persona of a high energy guitar histrionic. From his start in the 70’s with Ultimate Power, a local 8 piece band, to leaving Chicago Conservatory College behind to be guitarist for Albert King; Ric has played with Soul, R&B, Jazz, and Blues bands throughout Chicago…The Dells, Jerry Iceman Butler, Chi-Lites, Bloodstone, The Emotions, Dwayne Wiggens and SIDIKE of Toni Tony Tone … to name a few… appearing nationally, and internationally. His resume includes quite an impressive and surreal listing.For 28 of those years he served as the Rhythm Guitarist for the Legendary “Dells” from Harvey, IL; as well as many other R & B groups: Jerry Butler, Stevie Wonder, Dion Warwick, Eddie Griffen, Robert Townshend, Howard Hewitt, Gladis Knight, Bloodstone, The Emotions, Chi-Lites, Toni Tony Tone, The Drifters, Branding Iron, Dillard Crume, The Wings of Joy, Raphael Saadiq, Gospel Song Birds, Buddy Guy, Phil Guy, J.W. Williams Chi-Town Hustlers. Ric has also made appearances on: Late Night with Jay Leno, The Craig Ferguson Show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Late Show with David Letterman, Nissan Live, Guitar Center (History of Electric Guitar).  From his start with Albert King, to the many legendary greats along his travels, and magic of Buddy Guy, Ric has maintained the true compassion of kind heartedness, and gentle nature of a pure soul.

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